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    Tailored educational solutions

  • Independent & unbiased educational services and advice

    Independent & unbiased educational

    services and advice

  • Building a life long love for education

    Building a life long

    love for education

  • Watch them excel, achieve your goals

    Watch them excel

    achieve your goals

  • We learn about the learner, our passion

    We learn about the learner

    our passion

  • Adelaides Premier School Choice Consultancy

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    School Choice Consultancy

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Adelaide's Premier 'School Choice' Service

Confused about which school to choose?

Choosing the right school for your children is likely to be the most important decision and investment you can make in your family's future. We work with you to determine your family's educational priorities, and for you to provide the best schooling options for your child.

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Here at Feegrade Education & Consultancy our resolute commitment is to provide tailored educational solutions and services to meet your needs. We provide completely independent and unbiased educational services and support to families, schools and educational centers in Adelaide, as well as in regional South Australia.

Families and schools are realising that support from outside of the classroom is an integral part of the growth and learning process. Feegrade Education & Consultancy is preparing learners for an ever-changing world of opportunity and challenges, as well as, preparing schools and the education industry in South Australia, how to best achieve this objective.

In today's educational environment families are faced with many decisions and choices. Choosing and deciding upon the best school for you child can be daunting, as can choosing appropriate external academic support. Families also often require independently recommended referrals to various educational services. What ever it is, Feegrade Education & Consultancy can assist you and your family. You can rest assured that our services are unbiased and tailored to suit your specific needs.

Our experienced, qualified and professional staff are committed to working with you and your family to achieve successful academic results and personal growth. 

We have built fantastic working relationships with some of South Australia's leading independent and government schools, as well as, the major universities and private colleges. We invite you to tap into our professional network.

An exclusive offering we present is our School Choice Consultancy Service. This service allows us to partner with you and assist your family in making the most important decision you can possibly make - which school supports the learning needs of your child best, and where will they excel? Ultimately we help you find the best fit and most appropriate school to suit your families educational priorities here in Adelaide, interstate or internationally.

We pride ourselves on fostering a love of learning and instilling this as a value in each student we work with.

Please explore our website, feel free to call or drop into our offices and speak to us about how we can make a difference in your future. 

Welcome to Feegrade Education & Consultancy

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